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        • Address:#28, Haiwei Rd, Liexiyi Industrial Zone, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
        • Tel:86-760-22283636
        • Fax:86-760-22283623
        • Email:castorsales@wahwei.com,info@wahwei.com
        • Website:http://www.jokssam.com
        Your present position:Home >> About Us >> Company Profile
        Founded in 1993, Wah Wei CASTOR CO., LTD is a large company specializing in the development and the production of trundle. With the plant area of more than 10,000 ㎡, our company maintains the annual output at more than 30 million. We have a rich experience of cooperating with the several big brands in Euorpe for many years. Our product has reached to all over the world including Europe, America and Australia.
        Our researching and developing for trundle started from 1978s, which makes us one of the first factories stepping in trundle area in China. To create the best trundle-related products, we have been focusing in manufacturing of the plastics and hardware for more than 30 years, We are proud of the abundance of technical talents, as well as our management talents. The whole process, including the design, creation, injection and punching of the mould, is under our company’s serious-minded monitoring. The use of the modern punching machine, high-tech vulcanization equipment, and the advanced injection technique guarantees the high-efficiency of the production. Our carefully assembling and inspecting, guarantee the durability and the safety of our products.
        We never stop our pace of focusing in every detail of the trundles, and offering the best service to our clients, and seeking a way to change your life-style, even though it’s a small fitting in our daily lives. We believe that customer is the first, quality is another first.