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        Wahwei,the heart of manufacturing

        Date:2014-10-16   Click Acount4219Times

        ZHONGSHAN WAHWEI CASTORS CO.,LTD has been specialized in developing and manufacturing of castors since its foundation in 1993. Covering an area of over 10,000 ㎡,the annual output of Wahwei reaches 30,000,000pcs. Wahwei has deep coorperation with top brands in Europe and its products are far exported to Europe, America, Middle-East and South-east Asia.

        Starting in 1978, Wahwei is one of the earliest factories that devoted to castors design and manufacture. With more than 30years’ experience in field of castors, the factory has total solution ranging from R&D, mould, injection to stamping fabrication. We satisfy our clients not only by capacity with our advanced equipments but also by good quality with our strict quality control procedure.

        ? Wahwei focuses on every detail of fabrication and assembly even though it’s just a small castor. We would never stop our steps to improve now and future. Wish Wahwei castors would roll us into a better future.